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August 7, 2015 Market


August 7, 2015

The Devon Community Market is entering its 6th Market Day of 2015, and we have much to celebrate and to learn from our emerging Community Market. The primary purpose of this Market is to generate activity along our business corridor while bringing together all the diversity that brings uniqueness to the West Ridge community. Have there been challenges?

Have there been obstacles in bringing together the uniqueness that exist within West Ridge? The answer to both questions is a resounding yes! But these are challenges and obstacles we are willing to tackle. It is vital to note that we are entering our 3rd year as a functional Community Market. Building Market momentum which generates widespread support takes time, but most importantly it takes widespread collective planning and input. All challenges and obstacles are only overcome by bringing together residents, community organizations, faith-based institutions, elected officials, business & property owners - while working together and sharing our expertise.

To date, the 2015 Devon Community Market has been successful in bringing diversity and options to the West Ridge community. Your support thus far means a lot and is greatly appreciated by all participating vendors. We have been provided the great opportunity to host farmers, entertainment, kosher food options, activities for children, arts & health education along with prepared food and baked goods. In 2016 we are looking to increase the number of farmers and bakeries that take part in our Market. Currently we are building momentum and focusing on fostering meaningful relationships to build our Market and have a greater impact on the business corridor and neighborhood at large.

This coming fall we are looking to formalize a planning committee for our upcoming 2016 Devon Community Market. We firmly believe that proper engagement with the community will yield positive results in building our Market. Our Market is for the community and without it we can't reach our full potential. We value and appreciate all feedback. In the very near future we will be announcing a gathering to bring the community together to debrief and talk about the Market. Through this gathering we will create a platform to share ideas and formalize a planning committee.

Your participation is crucial and we look forward to working together in bringing West Ridge an wonderful Market!

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