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Close of 2015 Market Season


Devon Community Market: Blog Entry

August 26th marked the last day of the 2015 Devon Community Market. The West Ridge Chamber of Commerce along with Debra Silverstein, the 50th Ward Alderman, and State Senator Ira Silverstein would like to extend a warm thank you to all our committed vendors. Their commitment was vital to our emerging Market. We look forward to expanding this network of vendors to bring more activity to the greater West Ridge community. Also, we valued all community participation, as you are the sole motivation in bringing activity to our business corridor.

In our previous blog we highlighted our intention to learn how to further develop the Devon Community Market. The primary aim of the Devon Community Market is to generate activity along our business corridor while celebrating the diversity that makes the West Ridge community unique. This is not a simple task. It takes time and focused planning. In that spirit - the West Ridge Chamber of Commerce would like to provide the community with a platform to offer their feedback regarding the 2015 Devon Community Market. Please take a few minutes to complete our Market survey, so we are able to properly measure our effectiveness and plan for future Market seasons.

In the very near future, the Chamber will be hosting a community meeting to share the results from the Market survey. In this meeting we will create a platform for mutual learning to take place while offering an opportunity for further feedback to be shared with the Chamber. It is our full intention to develop a planning committee for future community endeavors in the West Ridge community. Again, thank you and it was a pleasure to work hard in serving our community.


Farid Muhammad
Program Manager​
West Ridge Chamber of Commerce
2421 W. Pratt Boulevard, Suite 205, Chicago, IL  60645

Devon Community Market
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